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    Professions Derping...


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    Professions Derping...

    Post  Sionnan on Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:03 pm

    So, after a long few weeks with trying to be an enchanter, I decided, "Eh... enchanting isn't my cup of tea." So I decided to pick something new. Inscription seemed like a good way to go after Kheena hooked me up with a couple of glyphs. So I thought "wow, I should go learn inscription and whatever supports it." So I unlearned both of my professions, excitedly ran over to the scribe place to learn inscription, clicked 'learn' and then started looking through it to see what I needed to support it.

    Man was I pissed. Herbalism, the other profession I dropped. I was an Artisan Herbalist. There wasn't any were I could travel that was level appropriate that I couldn't gather herbs. And now I was at level 45, and starting all over again. Talk about pissed.

    However, I am pleased to say that after some diligent herb gathering, i am almost back to where I left off. the down side is... I am traveling through areas of the map that are so far, beyond my herbalism skill. However, I will get there.

    So the moral to this story kids? Always read the fine print. Look before you leap. You know, do some checking before rushing head long into something.

    Above all else... learn from my derp.

    Love, peace, and nuclear weapons!

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