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    A word of caution....



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    A word of caution....

    Post  WingedPanther on Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:00 am

    From Bjernisfeld:

    Just a little note of caution to everyone. I've recently been hearing rumours from some of my contacts about a distrubing new group taking form within Hoarde Territory. I haven't been able to get a name, or any solid information about them yet, but from what I hear tell, they're primary interest is to try and bring back the Lich King. I want everyone to keep yer eyes and ears open, and report back if you hear any news of these folk. The return of someone as heinous as the Lich King would not bode well for the world.

    Chancellor Bjernisfeld.

    <OOC: I, along with several others will be starting up a story thread in the weeks to come regarding this, if you want more information, or to participate, please either talk to or send a letter to Bjernisfeld.>

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