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    Rubikoff Geargrinder

    Post  WingedPanther on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:29 pm

    The Geargrinders immigrated to Ironforge after the fall of Gnomereggan, a part of the influx of gnomes who settled in Tinkertown. While some people were distainful of the gnomish refugees, the Hrogan Steelhand and his family were accepting of the gnomes. Steelhand embraced his new neighbors, often calling them "cousins", a term that was already seeing growing use. Olvan Geargrinder and his family became close with the Steelhands, and their sons, Rubikoff and Bjernisfeld often played together. When Bjernisfeld left for the army, Olvan insisted on his son finding a trade or calling. A true tinkerer, even in his childhood, Rubikoff quickly took to the profession of engineering. However, since both he and his family were poverty stricken, Rubikoff took to finding materials where ever he could. Searching the streets of Ironforge and Stormwind, he became aquainted with the streetfolk of both cities and picked up the talents of the various rogues he encountered.
    Finally, the call went out that the gnomes were retaking their homeland, and as a skilled engineer, Rubikoff couldn't resist lending a hand. He joined up with the penetration teams, and though disaster struck the effort, Rubikoff managed to survive the radiation and catastrophe that occured. In the following evacuation efforts, he met a new companion, Shldrinkapnt. The the young gnome warrior found Rubikoff strange, but enjoyable company and the two became fast friends. After returning to Ironforge, they met Aicianath, who encouraged them both to join the Order. Now, Rubikoff has turned his engineering talent to the cause of the order, and he continues to experiment to find bigger and better devices with which he can defeat the forces of evil.

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