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    Kaela Kaede

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    The Kaede family have long been a family in Westfall for several generations. 20 years ago, John and Morgan Kaede gave birth to a set of twins, Kaela and Caval. At first, all seemed normal for the family, but by the age of 4 the family realised there was something strange about the children. Kaela was quick witted and tempermental, but Caval was cold and isolated, often communicating only with Kaela. A traveling wizard happened upon the family, and quickly realized Kaela's potential for magic. With the parents permission, the wizard Gemmelgran took Kaela on as his apprentice when she was 8. She left with him and traveled around the Eastern Kingdoms, learning the ways of wizardry. She discovered a gift for fire magic, and as her power grew, her temper subsided, becoming focused into the spells she crafted. When the Cataclysm struck Kaela and Gemmelgran were in the mountains north of Northshire Abbey, and in the surprise attack that ensued, Gemmelgram lost his life. Stricken with grief and bursting with rage, Kaela immolated the band of orcs and goblins that killed her master, then fainted. When she awoke in Northshire Abbey, she was made aware of the attack that was occuring. After doing what she could to ease the battle, she left for Stormwind, seeking to make her way home. Sadly, her return to Westfall brought more grief. With the area in chaos and ruin, Kaela found that her family had died in her absense. With nowhere left to go, she returned to Stormwind where she was inducted into the Order of Holy Light by an old friend of her mentor, "Uncle" Bjernisfeld.
    Now, she adventures around the Eastern Kingdoms, seeking to end the suffering of those caught by the Cataclysm.

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