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    Bjernisfeld Steelhand

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    Bjernisfeld Steelhand led a mostly unremarkable life for a dwarf. An only child, he spent a great deal of time with his "cousin" Rubikoff Geargrinder, playing in and around Ironforge. Although he learned some of his father's profession as a miner, and picked up some of his mother's gift for herbalism, Bjern's calling was to the army. When he was old enough, he enlisted with the Ironforge Infantry, and became a member of the 61st Rifleman's Unit. After several years of distinguished service, he was recruited into the Ironforge Scouts, where he learned much of his training as a hunter and woodsman. Not so long ago, he met Aicianath who convinced him to join the Order of Holy Light and fight for something greater than just orders. Bjern left the army and has been a loyal and devoted member ever since. Recently, he was appointed to the position of Chancellor in the absense of the Order's leader, and now helps to lead the order along with Ambassador Kheena.

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