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    Post  Jlyrojer on Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:56 pm

    For those of you that may can tell if you visit here enough, I have been tweaking the colors a bit in an attempt to make things easier to read. My efforts have not been a complete failure, and I am still making slight progress.

    Honestly, I am like a blind man stumbling through an orgy here. So as you cruse the forums, be on the look out for GLARINGLY RED TEXT or anything else that is fire-engine red for that matter. I made it red so that it would stand out and grab my attention, but alas, it seems to have vanished on me.

    Also, feel free to report any problems you have with the site to me. If I don't know, then I can't fix it. These include problems joining, posting etcetera etcetera...

    I want to do what I can to make this a fun place for every one to visit and banter back and forth out side of the game.

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