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    Sionnan Bloodrose


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    Sionnan Bloodrose

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    Often, Sionnan would refer to herself as the only surviving member of the Bloodrose line. For the most part, this is true. From a certain point of view. It is the easiest answer she would ever be able to come up with, once the truth is known.

    She was but a young Elf when she noticed a fundamental difference between her and her sisters. She had a love of nature, and an aptitude for magic. Her sisters were more the fighting type. At last Sionnan knew, one sister became a hunter and the other a warrior.

    But there was something even more troubling beneath the surface for Sionnan.

    On a particularly fateful day, Sionnan was studding her magic under the watchful eye of her mean and overbearing mentor in Silvermoon City. When she refused to do a particularly evil deed, her mentor began a particularly vile assault on Sionnan's character. She threw Sionnan out and told her to "Never come back until you stop behaving like such a Night Elf."

    The words stung her less than the public humiliation did. Not only did the other students hear the admonishment, but so did all the people on the street. With in days, Sionnan was shunned at every turn by the Blood Elves.

    She had finally had enough, and decided to leave Silvermoon City. However, her disgrace in the eyes of the Blood Elves had reached the ears of the palace, and the guards refused her access to the portal to Lordaeron and the Under City. She had only one choice left.

    Packing what few belongings she had, and managing to scrounge together a few valuables from the family before they found out she had even been in the house, she set out for the Plague Lands. The journey was hard, a wrought with danger, not to mention she had only the faintest idea where she was going.

    She traveled for the better part of two months by foot, constantly ducking and hiding from the horrors of the Plague Lands. Seeking refuge in the keeps along the way, and depending on the generosity of others. Once she made it to Tirisfal Glades, she was able to hop a dirigible to the coast where she stowed away on a ship heading for Booty bay.

    Her first few days were harsh. The pirates of Booty Bay were hardly tolerant of her poverty stricken state. She was guarding her most valued treasure, the one she had stolen from her family, and her only hope for a new life. So it was she started to make contacts. She would dance in the local bar as entertainment for the passing travelers and the local pirates. It kept her alive, besides, she found that she rather enjoyed the power she seemed to hold sway over the males that came in.

    Finally, the Fates smiled upon her and she meet a traveling mage from Teldrassil. He knew of a warlock that would help Sionnan change her life, literally. Taking a huge risk on her, the mage smuggled her to the Island of the Night Elves and brought her to the Warlock.

    The Warlock asked Sionnan what she wanted from him, and her reply was simple.

    "I want to be a NIght Elf."

    The Warlock explained to Sionnan that many of her memories would be altered to accommodate her new form. That they would be buried, and may cause her to have problems later on when they started to surface, but she didn't care.

    The Warlock asked Sionnan how she planned to pay for such a transformation. Sionnan pulled a small cloth from her bag and handed it to the Warlock. When he unwrapped the small item, he almost dropped it from shock. Within the folds of the cloth sat the most perfect Nightmare Tear he had ever seen.

    "I cannot accept this... it is to much!"

    Sionnan gently closed his hand around the gem.

    "Keep it. It is all I can give you."

    The Warlock nodded and went to start his preparations. Sionnan sat, listening to the breeze play through the branches over head, and watching the squirrels play. Not long had passed when the Warlock returned and told her he was ready.

    He had her lay down on a wooden alter that seemed to have been grown. She looked up and watched the sunlight and the wind play through the leaves again as the Warlock started his chanting. She felt sleepy. And as she drifted off, she knew in her heart that when she awoke, she would get to start her life anew.

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